We are RAWE

Vision and Values

RAWE Electronic GmbH is a leading system service provider in the electronics industry and a company of the Demmel Group. We have been developing and producing electronic assemblies at our site in Weiler im Allgäu for over 50 years. Our customers are well-known companies in the automotive, systems and HMI sectors. We align our processes with the requirements of our customers and continuously improve them in terms of quality and efficiency. Working in partnership with our customers and suppliers guarantees us continuous and profitable growth. By focusing on the needs of our customers, we achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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We strive for innovation and excellence in everything we do.

"We have been developing and producing electronic control systems for our customers in various industrial sectors for over 50 years. Over 300 motivated and well-trained employees have one goal: the satisfaction of our customers."


Markus Hertkorn, Managing Director

Portrait RAWE Geschaeftsfuehrer Herr Markus Hertkorn

Facts and Figures

RAWE Electronic GmbH includes the two subsidiaries TEFAG Elektronik AG and MAIR Elektronik GmbH. We are the largest employer in Weiler and sponsor of FV Rot-Weiß Weiler e.V. We are also a member of the Fachverband Elektronikdesign und -fertigung e. V. (FED), Fachgemeinschaft Eingabesysteme and premium sponsor of in4ma (trustee for the electronics industry).

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Year of foundation


Number of Employees



with MAIR Elektronik GmbH
& TEFAG Elektronik AG



70 Mio.

€ turnover

Our History

RAWE Electronic GmbH was founded in Weiler-Simmerberg in 1971. Production began with simple measuring devices and copper coils. This was followed by electronic components for small household appliances and machine tools. We produced the first chess computers and began manufacturing computer motherboards in 1990. Later, we added control units for steam cookers and mobile cranes. Since 1997, we have also been producing headlight adjustment units for the automotive industry. In the last 10 years in particular, we have significantly expanded our product portfolio. Today, we are one of the top 15 EMS service providers in Germany.

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The companies of the Demmel Group

RAWE is part of the Demmel Group, a group of medium-sized family businesses with a total of around 1,600 employees, a turnover of €275 million and production sites in Scheidegg and Weiler im Allgäu, Munich, Switzerland, Italy, China, Singapore and the USA.

The Group's core competences are high-quality products and system solutions in the areas of trim parts, decorative surfaces, operating systems, electronics and mobile energy supply. Its customers primarily include companies from the automotive, mechanical engineering and household appliance industries.

Logo DEMMEL Flow

Within the Demmel Group, Demmel is the specialist for industrial identification, decoration, and communication. With the following locations:


  • Demmel AG (GER-Scheidegg)
  • Demmel AG (GER-Lindenberg)
  • Demmel AG (GER-Heimertingen)
  • CP Targhe (Italy)
  • DMCC (China)
  • Demmel Inc (USA)
Logo RAWE Flow

Also a member of the Demmel Group, RAWE specializes in system services in the electronics industry. With the following locations:


  • RAWE Electronic GmbH (Germany)
Logo MAIR Flow

As part of the Demmel Group, MAIR is the specialist for electronics manufacturing services and has the following locations:


  • MAIR Elektronik GmbH 
  • MAIR Elektronik GmbH 
Logo TEFAG Flow

As part of the Demmel Group, TEFAG focuses on battery systems and is available at the following location:


  • TEFAG Elektronik AG (Switzerland)
Logo CMI Flow

Within the Demmel Group, CMI specialises in flexible printed electronics. With the following locations:


  • CMI Central Midori Int'l Pte Ltd (Singapore)
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We operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.
We understand this to mean harmonising economic, ecological and social goals. Our products and technologies should create a tangible value contribution for society and continuously support and promote sustainable development in all countries in which we operate.

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For us, dealing honestly and fairly with customers, business partners, employees, investors and competitors is a fundamental conviction and obligation. Our conviction obliges our joint actions to handle all customer and contractual relationships with absolute integrity.

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RAWE increases quality and efficiency

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