About us


We operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

We understand this to mean harmonizing economic, ecological and social goals. Our products and technologies should create a tangible value contribution for society and continuously support and promote sustainable development in all countries in which we operate.

With this in mind, RAWE maintains a constant and open dialogue with all social groups about its performance and future priorities for action. We inextricably link our commitment to conducting all business in an ethical and legally impeccable manner with respect for human rights, customs, traditions and the social values of the countries in which we do business.

We welcome and encourage the voluntary commitment of our employees and retirees in a wide variety of areas. This is in line with our self-image and our socially responsible and civic commitment.

Sustainable business is a shared social responsibility.

The Sustainability Code is intended to help us to successfully operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner throughout the Group. We are convinced that economically strong and successful companies are essential for achieving effective environmental protection and social balance.

RAWE is an economically strong and successful company. By aligning our behaviour and our business with the rules of the Sustainability Code, we can not only further consolidate and expand our strong positions in our markets, but above all further increase RAWE's contribution to sustainable business.

You can find our Code of Sustainability and our sustainability reporting in the  Downloadbereich.