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Compliance and Integrity

For us, dealing honestly and fairly with customers, business partners, employees, investors and competitors is a fundamental conviction and obligation. Our conviction obliges our joint actions to handle all customer and contractual relationships with absolute integrity.

All employees adhere to applicable laws and standards of behaviour as well as business guidelines and procedures without exception. Ethical and responsible behaviour is just as fundamental to our work as respect for the rights of each individual and respect for the environment. We expect our suppliers to share these commitments. We ask each supplier to comply with our Code of Conduct in all their activities.

To uphold these standards, we rely on our partners to alert us if they have concerns about whether an action or behaviour meets the integrity and compliance requirements in our Standards of Conduct. If you would like to make a report in this regard, please send it to the following contact:

RAWE Electronic GmbH
Management Board
Bregenzer Str. 43
D-88171 Weiler-Simmerberg


Whistleblower System

Violations of laws and other basic regulations cannot be tolerated - without exception. It requires the attention and willingness of everyone to point out breaches of the rules if they have specific information. Our reporting system is available for this purpose.

Concerns can be reported to the whistleblower system, confidentially if desired - at any time. If you would like to make a report in this regard, please send it to the following contact:

Whistleblower portal: Demmel Hinweisgebersystem

Mail: info@hinweisgeberexperte.de

Post: Compliance Beratung und Service GmbH

Maximilianstrasse 24

80539 Munich


Explanatory video - Our whistleblower system: