Product Development

Hardware Development

RAWE develops complex control systems and controls according to customer requirements:

  • Idea & feasibility assessment
  • Creation of specifications
  • Component selection, circuit development, layout creation
  • Prototype assembly
Harware Entwicklung Am PC

Our special expertise

We have expert knowledge in many different areas:

  • Customer specific sensor systems - capacitive, optical (TOF), inductive measurement technology, temperature measurement, position measurement, differential pressure sensors
  • Wireless applications & IOT - various radio standards, Bluetooth, WIFI, LORA, NFC, Narrowband (NB) IOT
  • LED lighting - warning lights, backlights, display LEDs
  • Integration & control of indicators & displays (LCD, TFT)
  • Power electronics & power supply units (AC/DC, DC/DC converters)
  • Customer specific interfaces
  • Complex, safety-related keyboards & input systems (HMI) up to performance level D (PL D)

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Embedded Software Development

RAWE specializes in the development of reliable embedded software for your application.

  • Selection of the appropriate controller platform: microcontroller/microprocessor, 8-bit, 32-bit (preferably Arm®, Arm®-Cortex architectures)
  • Conceptualization of software structures and modules for safety and non-safety applications
  • Integration and use of manufacturer libraries, low-level drivers, operating systems, SOUP, customer modules
  • Programming in C, C++, Python
  • Development of GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces)
  • Capacitive input systems with CAPSENSE (trademark)
Software Entwickler Am Computerarbeitsplatz

Mechanical Design

We design mechatronic solutions, housing parts or front panels. This is always in conjunction with the electronic hardware. Our designers work with CREO to create 2D and 3D drawings and designs.

  • Housing components made of metal or plastic (injection molded)
  • Keyboards and input systems
  • Short-stroke and membrane keyboards, membrane overlays, front glasses
  • Incremental encoders
  • Displays and integration of touch displays
Prototyp Einer Mechanischen Steuerung

Testing and Qualification

Before we declare a new product ready for the market, it has to pass a large number of tests:

  • EMC pre-compliance tests (interference radiation/radiation according to IEC x)
  • EMC acceptance tests carried out by external laboratories
  • Internal and external environmental qualifications (humidity, temperature cycles, shock, vibration, surface resistance, salt spray, etc.)
  • Endurance tests
  • Accelerated ageing (active and inactive endurance tests)
  • IPC evaluations
  • Creation and evaluation of micrographs
  • Pull-off and adhesion tests (determination of surface tension)
Messtest An Elektronischer Platine