Test Equipment Construction

Integrated Placement Control

A fully integrated placement check, which is connected upstream of the wave soldering process, ensures that all manually placed components are positioned correctly and without errors. The test system is integrated into the handling and transport system and guarantees a smooth process flow.

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Testing of Input Systems

The final function test (end-of-line test) is integrated into rotary indexing tables. That saves process and handling time. This is particularly useful for medium to large series and for assemblies with a less complex range of components. We develop the hardware and the test software. The depth of testing is based on the requirements of RAWE's own product development or those of the customer.

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Automated Functional Testing

In addition to testing assemblies, the function of completely assembled systems can also be tested.

  • Testing of button control panels, measurement of actuation force
  • Testing of displays
  • Light measurement of LED lighting
  • Measurement of radio links such as Bluetooth connections
  • High-voltage tests and measurement of current consumption

Complex Testing Systems

In-circuit test systems and final function tests can also be embedded in production lines in combination. This means that the process flow right through to packaging remains uninterrupted. Less handling means higher product quality.

RAWE also carries out leakage measurements using calibrated overpressure measurements.

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