EMS Automotive

Electronics for vehicle headlights


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Fully automated production

  • SMD & THT assembly – AOI
  • Motor & gearbox assembly
  • Robot-assisted housing assembly
  • Wave soldering
  • Vision system with electrical testing
  • Fully automated packaging
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High volume production

  • Up to 7 million units per year
  • Over 130 million units already produced
  • International logistics concept
  • Comprehensive obsolescence management
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Automated production concepts

  • Error rate < 2 ppm (parts per million)
  • Product assembly in seconds without handling
  • Production according to IATF 16949

Product examples

Headlamp adjustment units can be found in every car. They adjust the lighting angle of the headlights so that oncoming vehicles are not dazzled. Since production began in 1998, 130 million headlamp levellers have been manufactured from almost 2 billion individual parts. In addition to halogen headlamps, headlamp levellers are now also used for LED lighting systems.

So-called roller drives are used to control LED headlights. They enable optimum illumination of the carriageway along the track of the vehicle. Assembly of the roller drive through to packaging is fully automated in a specially developed production cell. The roller drive is a high-precision electromechanical dimming device for first-generation full LED headlights.