Key pads and human machine interfaces

RAWE develops and produces customized keyboards and input systems (HMI) - as stand-alone systems or in combination with electronic assemblies or housing components. Our portfolio includes membrane and short-travel keyboards, capacitive, piezoelectric or optical input systems (e.g. time-of-light sensing), electromechanical switching systems and touch display integration.

Sensor-based input systems

Whether piezo technology, capacitive or optical input systems - RAWE develops and produces sensor-based keyboard systems according to customer requirements. We differentiate between touch-sensitive keyboards, pressure-based piezo input systems and non-contact optical operating elements using the time-of-flight measurement method.

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Membrane and short-travel keyboards

Membrane keypads and short-travel keypads with polyester front foils in tactile design can be realized quickly and cost-effectively. In combination with other control devices, the design flexibility and variety is very high.

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Electromechanical switching systems

We are the right partner for electromechanical switching systems. Our design department will develop the right incremental encoder for you. We design the switching mechanism and all mechanical components and provide the electronic interface to the control system.

Touch-Display Integration

Touch Display Integration inklusive: Wir ergänzen Ihr Produkt mit dem passenden Touch Display System. Gemeinsam mit Ihnen wählen wir die geeigneten Komponenten aus und übernehmen den Einbau in das Gehäuse.