Key pads and human machine interfaces

Sensor-based input systems


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Capacitive keyboards using mTouch(TM)

  • Can be operated with latex gloves - perfect for household appliances or medical technology
  • Fast response times - perfect for touch buttons, sliders or keypads
  • Symbol illumination for customizing the keypad
  • Very low sensitivity to moisture, temperature influences and EMV
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Piezo keyboards

  • Patented Everswitch(TM) piezo technology for robust operating units for the highest demands
  • Functionally reliable switching without moving parts behind closed, decorated metal surfaces
  • Encapsulated unit comprising user interface, sensors and electronics with protection class IP68
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Time-of-Flight sensing

  • 3D proximity detection and contactless switching according to customer requirements
  • Evaluation of safe switching functions or activities in public areas
  • Time-of-flight measurement for sanitary facilities, point of sales or kiosk applications
  • Surfaces free from contact, low target area for vandalism

Product examples

Capacitive glass touch input systems with symbol illumination

metalTouch(TM) input systems with piezo sensor technology and surfaces made of real metals

Non-contact proximity measurement for the hygienic control of sanitary facilities